Foggy River Farm North

Foggy River Farm North, is a homestead, experimental permaculture farm, and design studio located on 12 acres of land in Sunderland, Ontario.

Location: Sunderland, ON

Design Intentions

  • To be a flexible space that can support a family home, design studio, workshop venue, and permaculture farm.
  • To create a financially sound model for perennial crops on small acreage

Project Features

  • Ecosystem remediation using experimental methods of hugelkultur style planting and polyculture design with medicinal and nutrient dense crops
  • Restorative woodlot management
  • Forest mushroom production

FRF Design Role

  • Site Analysis and Goals Articulation
  • Concept Development
  • Zoning and Phasing
  • Planting Plan
  • Landscape Amenity Details
  • Project Management and Construction

Community Farm & Garden

The Nourish and Develop Foundation ‘TNDF’ brought in Foggy River to enhance the scope of the Maple Tree Community Garden through the development of a small ‘mother orchard’. This small collection of 75 fruit trees and berry shrubs will be used to propagate thousands of new plants, eventually transforming this 5 acre community farm into an edible oasis over the years to come.

Location: Cannington, Ontario

Design Intention

  • Design a small for the community farm that will serve as a foundation for future propagation and expansion


  • A unique collection of 75 cold-hardy, disease resistant trees and shrubs

FRF Design Role

  • Site Observations and Analysis
  • Mother Orchard Planting Plan
  • Community engagement and empowerment