Durham Catholic District School Board

The Durham Catholic District School Board (DCDSB) and Foggy River Farm have been working together to co-create outdoor learning environments with students at several schools. Working from an experiential outdoor education approach, the team at Foggy River plays, designs and builds with students, all the while peaking curiosity so that students become the stewards of their own schoolyards.

Education Intentions

  • To distil student connection to the landscape through direct experience, hands-on projects, observation and exploration

  • To help students understand their role in their local ecosystem, which includes their classroom, their entire school, the schoolyard and the larger landscape

  • To foster a deep sense of stewardship through helping students design and build outdoor environments where they can explore their curiosity

  • To encourage self-awareness through the sharing of this curiosity and land-based action with others

Project Features

  • Small food forest/perennial gardens

  • Annual vegetable gardens

  • Cultural/spiritual gardens specific to each school

  • Student-led design processes, reflected through storytelling and maps, graphics and anecdotes

  • Constructed areas completed with mainly raw and local materials, where possible

FRF Role

  • Custom creation and development of student workshops

  • Creation of content for curriculum-based learning

  • Project Management (tracking budgets, material sourcing and sharing this process with the students)

  • Direct facilitation of workshops with the students

  • Responsible for the physical safety of the students during the construction phases

  • Lead the creation of safe and functional designs