Tycoed Restorative Farm & Family Ecovillage

Located in Uxbridge, the Tycoed project has been a great source of inspiration and delight for the Foggy River Farm Design team. This 17 acre property has forests, ponds and creeks, diverse plant and animal life and amazing views to the north and the Lake Simcoe Watershed. The space is shared between three families living in “recycled” log homes from the 1840’s. Foggy River Farm Design has worked with the Tycoed family to undertake a multi-phase restorative farm project. 

The master plan of this property now includes both annual and perennial vegetable garden spaces, a large terraced hillside orchard, a small apiary and accompanying pollinator garden, mushroom production, woodlot management and successional strategies, and a greenhouse and yoga studio.

Location: Uxbridge, ON

Design Goals & Intentions

  • Create a beautiful landscape
  • Create a master plan for the 17 acre property
  • Become a teaching space to showcase the broader concepts of ecovillage and intentional community living, inspiring others to take action
  • Create a sustainable business model

Project Features:

  • Annual and perennial vegetable gardens
  • 3-acre terraced hugelkultur hillside polyculture orchard
  • Mushroom production
  • Small apiary with accompanying pollinator garden
  • Woodlot management and successional planning
  • Freshwater pond to accomodateskating and stand up paddleboarding

FRF Design Role:

  • Site Analysis and Goals Articulation
  • Concept Development
  • Zoning and Phasing
  • Planting Plan
  • Landscape Amenity Details
  • Project Management and Construction