Urban Edible Ecosystem


This small urban backyard in North York, Toronto, will soon be a lush temperate jungle of edible plants. The client approached FRF with a vision of turning her backyard into a productive space that she could enjoy with her family. She is now surrounded by over 100 edible shrubs, trees and vines and has since opened a dessert catering company, Desserts Studio, which will soon be able to serve delicious treats made from the fruit grown right in her backyard. 

Location: Toronto, Ontario

Design Intentions

  • Create an entirely edible urban ecosystem
  • Create opportunities for youth to experience and learn about plants
  • Create opportunities to propagate additional plants in the future
  • Create a beautiful space for leisure and relaxation


  • Herb Spiral
  • Dwarf Food Forest Ecosystem
  • Annual Vegetable Garden
  • Clover pathways
  • Stone Seat Benches with overhead Pergolas for vines
  • Permeable Patio (maximum water infiltration)
  • Rainwater collected and filtered through garden or store

FRF Design Role

  • Site Analysis and Goals Articulation
  • Concept Development
  • Planting Plan
  • Landscape Amenity Details
  • Project Management and Construction
  • Ongoing Suppor


Uxbridge Rural Homestead

Inspired by a workshop on Orchard Design with Foggy River Farm, FRF Design assisted this young family in creating an edible landscape to surround their rural homestead. Installed in 2014, this property is bound to look and taste incredible in years to come as the plants and family mature together.

Location: Uxbridge, Ontario

Design Intentions:

  • Plant a diversity of fruit and nut trees

  • Design areas for smaller shrubs and vegetable gardens closer to the home


  • Orchard inspired landscaping

  • Nut tree lined driveway

FRF Design Role:

  • Site observations and analysis

  • Concept plan

  • Planting plan

  • Garden bed and soil preparation

  • Sourcing and installation of plants