Urban Edible Ecosystem


This small urban backyard in North York, Toronto, will soon be a lush temperate jungle of edible plants. The client approached FRF with a vision of turning her backyard into a productive space that she could enjoy with her family. She is now surrounded by over 100 edible shrubs, trees and vines and has since opened a dessert catering company, Desserts Studio, which will soon be able to serve delicious treats made from the fruit grown right in her backyard. 

Location: Toronto, Ontario

Design Intentions

  • Create an entirely edible urban ecosystem
  • Create opportunities for youth to experience and learn about plants
  • Create opportunities to propagate additional plants in the future
  • Create a beautiful space for leisure and relaxation


  • Herb Spiral
  • Dwarf Food Forest Ecosystem
  • Annual Vegetable Garden
  • Clover pathways
  • Stone Seat Benches with overhead Pergolas for vines
  • Permeable Patio (maximum water infiltration)
  • Rainwater collected and filtered through garden or store

FRF Design Role

  • Site Analysis and Goals Articulation
  • Concept Development
  • Planting Plan
  • Landscape Amenity Details
  • Project Management and Construction
  • Ongoing Suppor